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  1. OMFG okay does anyone else think the ending to Hannah Montana sounds JUST LIKE the ending to F.R.I.E.N.D.S????????? rachel is going to go off to paris, ross says goodbye to her at the airport and her and ross fight over it before hand (like miley and lily) and then she doesn’t go?!?!?!?!? thats a BIT too similair.

  2. I LOVE the energy you have in your videos!!! But just to be a meany my talent would be to tach you how to spell 🙂

    Ie “what would yout talent be?”

    Change to “your” silly sexy social you 😉

    Xoxo Kate xoxo

  3. @advicefreak Same here!! I was gonna do some sort of witty comment about that, but you beat me to it. 😀

  4. haha the one thing that irked me about the hannah montana finale… that they can go to stanford. yeah… RIGHT

  5. OMG I HATE UGGS, IM BRUNETTE, I CAN HOLD A CIVIL CONVERSATION, IM A GIRL, AND IM FUNNY… but I dont think I would care if I dated Justin or not.

  6. OK Now THIS is getting on my nerves… first they change the homepage, now the SUBSCRIPTION BOX?? I really don’t like? where this is going. Copy and paste this and tell YouTube that they are going CRAZY with the changes and they should go back to the EASY and SIMPLE layout!!!!! >:(

  7. I like how he said that he wouldn’t dance because his back hurt… Yet what did he do for the last 40 seconds or so? XP

  8. …..XD If only I could have understood more of what you were saying during that Miley thing, not that I care about the show. XD

    My talent would be, ummmm…… Performing surgery.


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