(Exclusive) Miley Cyrus out shopping in New York City

Miley Cyrus is finally back in NYC, after not being here for a bit. Miley was shopping with a female friend in NYC’s W. Village. Miley shopped in a shoe store for over an hour before jumping into a cab. Her cab left her at a office building in NYC’s SOHO area! Miley was dresses in a half shirt, hot pants and thigh high boots.

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22 thoughts on “(Exclusive) Miley Cyrus out shopping in New York City

  1. Seriously? Everytime that I see a video of Miley shopping or whatever, the paps ALWAYS call Miley ‘Demi’, or they insult her. She doesn’t need that, she’s been the target of gossip? sites for a long time, could they at least show a little of respect? I TOTALLY don’t take Miley’s reasons when she calls them ‘pigs’ and ‘soul suckers’ etc. Actually, if I had the opportunity to call a paparazzi a pig, I would. Miley, you can call them whatever you want and i’ll always support and understand you xx

  2. Tan tan tan pero tan hermosa (beautiful) miley te amo sos la mes? hermosa del mund oi

  3. She has been working for a while. She filmed a bunch of stuff that is airing soon and she has been working on music? in Philly even though people just thought she was just following Liam around. She hasn’t been working as much, yes but I think it’s obvious that she has other things to worry about such as her mental and physical health.

  4. Im just glad she went into an OFFICE building, that finally means she’s? “working” again… the bitch has been doing noting but sleep for the last couple of years…

    and OMG i WANNA KILL TAT MOTHERFUCKER at 2:41 who opened the door ? WTF ??? I would’ve punched him if I was there ! what a douche

  5. 2:40
    I seriously wanna kill that pap!!! that attitude was beyond rudeness ! ><
    JUST LEAVE HER ALONE? .. Isn't that obvious enough?!!

  6. 2:39 you hear her say “what!?” when she notices the opposite door has been opened by a very? rude pap.

  7. i love how everytime a store person is serving miley and she just GLANCES up the store person runs out and tells the paps? off! i mean seriously? guys your ruining her day shoo!

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