Miley Cyrus Cameos In Ashland High Music Video – Watch the music video! – Click to Subscribe! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! We love to see star siblings helping siblings, and this round it’s Miley and Trace Cyrus who get some high fives from ClevverTV. Miley is showing some sibling support in the new music video for her brother’s band Ashland High. While she doesn’t lend any vocals to the track, the newly engaged starlet makes a quick cameo in the middle of the video for Sippin’ On Sunshine. This song is Ashland High’s newly released summer tune and the storyline follows a chaotic pool. Look closely, people, because it is possible to miss MC giving her brother a big hug as she sings along — it’s just shy of the 2 minute mark. So what do you guys think about Miley showing her brother some love in his new video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to ClevverTV! I’m Dana Ward in Hollywood, thanks for watching! Hosted by: Dana Ward

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25 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Cameos In Ashland High Music Video

  1. NOOOOOO I’m just a 19 year old? guy who crushed on miley all of his childhood.

  2. You’re 19? I’m 31… Are you a dancer, too? And have you ever taken a dance class before? Also… Can you booty shake? I was so proud of Miley when I saw a video of her booty shaking for the 1st time… But I think she? doesn’t booty shake enough in her music videos! Do you agree? But I guess I’m biased cause booty shaking is my favorite dance lol (I teach all my female students how to booty shake)… ^_^

  3. I know! Miley’s not a slut? at all… People also called her a slut for booty popping in the “Party in the U.S.A.” music video! But booty shaking isn’t slutty at all (I’m a dance teacher and I put booty shaking in all my choreo)… BTW, how old are you? I’m 31… 🙂

  4. Miley cryrus will always be one of my fav singers. Fuck what tv says about her , those are just rumors. People make things sound? worst. This is why many celebraties lifes are ruin. Miley has been dating liam for over 3 years. She has been with the same guy. She barely dated in her teen years.

  5. she’s been recording an album for 2-3 months now & she should have a movie out by the end of the year. & she’s supposed to? be doing another movie later this year(:

  6. i love miley.. def not the kinda songs i’m into but i think it’s cute with the sibling love here(: (& that also includes? Brandi Cyrus being in the beginning of the video)

  7. i absolutely love ur videos !! ur amazing !! can u plz come check out my channel it would mean the world to me If it helps? im having? a MAC GIVEAWAY

  8. Is there any skin on his body untattooed??!!

    He looks like a typical gangster u don’t want to hang around with? :/

  9. idk why people hate his tattoos..I only clicked the video cos of the tattoos!! I mean they remind? me of Oli Sykes tattoos! Well they’re not AS good as Oli’s but pretty close:D sorry just had to say it!!

  10. that was a false rumour, she wasn’t pregnant. and brenda and trace were supposed to get married, but they ended their relationship .?

  11. Its so nice how? Miley can show her brother support. Idk about his tattoes but I’m sure he is a nice person. Love Miley so much! 3

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