Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 4 ”De-Do Da-Don’t Don’t Tell My Secret” Part 3

Miley almost blows her cover when she returns from a Hannah Montana function and Siena spots her, and becomes suspicious that Jackson is seeing another girl so Jackson begs Miley to tell her the truth. After Sienna almost catches Miley as Hannah Montana twice, she agrees to tell Sienna, but backs down. After Sienna finally thinks Jackson is cheating on her with Hannah Montana, Miley finally comes clean and tell the truth. Meanwhile, Robby goes fishing with Rico to teach him how to relax. Guest star: Tammin Sursok as Siena

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25 thoughts on “Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 4 ”De-Do Da-Don’t Don’t Tell My Secret” Part 3

  1. She blew her secret like 30 times before that. The pilot…when Oliver had a crush on Hannah, with Jake…Oh my…I have to get? out more.

  2. No, she means Jenna. Her name in? THIS show is Sienna, but she’s talking about Pretty Little Liars.

  3. every one knows pretty much buit rico never finds out and i love your username i used? to play that game all the time

  4. she only? told crowdley corners not the whole world and they promised not to tell anyone

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  6. LOL but as if the WHOLE town would keep that secret- theres bound to be some money digging rat? bag who would tell it

  7. Yeah they had a lot of plots about her keeping the secret but since she took it off? around the end of the series they all became pointless.

  8. haha wow one year ago… well i think what i was tryna say was that its getting suspenseful and that the secret kept getting out and i knew? eventually everyone would know her secret

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